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Free Marketo and Pardot email templates from Stensul

Using an email template designed for your ESP or MAP is easier and faster than hand-coding every new email. Our expert team used the Stensul Email Creation Platform™ to put together free, professional modular email templates. You don’t need to create a responsive html email template from scratch! There are templates available for many common email marketing needs, such as welcome emails, thank you emails, newsletters, product announcements, and more.

Mobile responsive, Modular, Fully Tested

All of these templates are fully mobile responsive. We QA tested them in over 100 email clients, so they’ll look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Pick a template you want to use, and then easily load it into your Marketo or Pardot instance. Simple, step-by-step instructions are included with each template.

Once in the ESP or MAP, the templates can be customized to edit the content (text, images, background colors, etc.) and branding. Links can be edited to send traffic to your desired landing page or website.

These html email templates are modular, so you can remove, move or duplicate sections if you need to change the layout.

Even with these free templates, for most teams, creating emails takes too much time. There’s just so much back-and-forth.

There’s a more efficient way: the Stensul Email Creation Platform™. It dramatically reduces email creation time – by up to 90% – so teams can focus on improving email performance.

Stensul makes this possible by streamlining the collaboration process to simplify email creation for everyone. With a simpler process, teams create high-performing emails that drive stronger results.

Stensul integrates directly with Marketo and other leading ESPs/MAPs. Beyond those platforms, Stensul integrates with popular workflow platforms, image libraries, live and dynamic content, link tracking systems, and messaging tools. Learn more here about how Stensul works.

Stensul email templates
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