Stensul raises $34.5m in Series C funding


Imagine a world where…as an email developer, you don’t have to deal with last-minute changes or broken code. Instead, you can focus on innovating new technology, skills, and interactive subscriber experiences.

Stensul can give developers the opportunity to get into intriguing projects that were pushed aside because there was insufficient time to create quality, on-brand emails. Stensul can help reduce email creation time by up to 90%.


Enhance email experiences

  • Get more involved in high-impact email creation with custom and dynamic subscriber experiences
  • Spend time on testing and developing new technologies for dynamic and interactive content instead of tedious, repetitious tasks
  • Be able to focus on custom projects, and personalization experiences
Email developers can test different email types easily and quickly
eliminate broken code that creates editing work for email developers

Reduce broken code and re-work time

  • Empower end-users without worrying about broken code or issues that come from that
  • Build a module or template, set the guardrails, and publish to users who can fill in content but can’t change or break the desired rendering
  • Avoid rendering issues late in the email creation process by moving quality assurance activities (QA) upstream

Learn more to create better

Email Marketing development is always changing and you need to be agile to keep up with the latest trends to create engaging, high converting and unique experiences with your HTML and code.

Check out our eBooks and blog posts to learn how to move from simple creation efficiency to optimized performance in your email marketing operation.

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