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A template, even if it is custom to your brand, only gets you so far. How many unique emails can you build off one template? With an Email and Landing Page Creation Platform, you get custom modules that allow you to build an endless number of unique emails for your audience.

Think of a template as a completed Lego set that can’t be broken down into pieces. An email creation platform, meanwhile, gives you custom Lego pieces in the design of your brand so you can build as many creations as you need while always staying on-brand.

Most likely whatever you are currently using requires regular designer, copywriter, developer, manager or agency input — or some combination. With an Email and Landing Page Creation Platform, anyone can generate an error-free, on-brand email in minutes. Think of us as a CMS built specifically for email.

In addition, built-in approvals and collaborations gives marketers complete control over who is doing what.

Let our platform worry about the email coding and design rules. Marketers can free up resources and focus on what they do best: coming up with more and better marketing campaigns in the same amount of time, which drives real results for their organization.

Get in touch and we can provide you with a customized quote. The employee time and resources freed up by using our platform (which can be allocated to other marketing endeavors and to improving returns on email marketing campaigns) and reducing agency bills easily surpass the cost of the platform.  Large brands are astounded by how much money they save by adopting our Email and Landing Page Creation Platform.

In a world where people are constantly besieged by content, it is more difficult than ever to be heard. Stensul enables marketers to focus on crafting content that embodies their brand and inspires their audience. This delivers real results, and we’re happy to show you how.

No, but our platform easily and seamlessly integrates with whatever you are currently using to send your emails. Stensul sits in front of all major ESPs and Marketing Clouds. You create an email or Landing Page in our platform, and then push it via an API into your existing ESP or MAP and can then send it out as usual.

Yes, it works well for both.

With distributed marketers, the company can put guardrails and approvals in place that keep the brand consistent, while giving each marketer the ability to easily and effortlessly create emails that are relevant to their particular location.

For core marketers, an Email and Landing Page Creation Platform optimizes organizational efficiency, allows for controlled collaboration, and frees up massive employee resources.

Yes. As a Stensul customer, our goal is to make sure you get the highest possible value out of our Email and Landing Page Creation Platform, and we work closely with you to make that happen. As our team creates your custom modules, we engage with you on how you can best optimize your email marketing resources across your organization.

Each of our customers receives a dedicated enterprise support team, and we conduct monthly check-ins to ensure all of your needs are being met, and to track your ROI. Check out stories from our satisfied customers here and contact us with any questions. We would love to show you how it all works.

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