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stensul is the premier email generation platform used by enterprises.

Who we are

It’s easier than ever for enterprises to reach their audiences — but it is harder than ever to be heard. We’re reimagining the way large brands generate emails, and revolutionizing their ability to connect.  

Stensul was born out of the frustration we felt first-hand when building emails for one of the world’s largest companies. The process was inefficient, email builders were clunky, and coordinating among team members — designers, developers, copywriters, and marketers — took far
too long.

So, we decided enough was enough, and got to work on a bold new email generation platform that streamlines the entire process of creating emails.  

With our customized platform and its pre-configured brand guidelines, anyone can craft on-brand, error-proof emails in minutes. Finally, you don’t have to wait around for resources, or stress about an off-brand email being sent out.  

Powered by stensul, marketers are free to focus on what matters most: crafting content that reflects their brand, engages their audience, and delivers real results.  

Marketers, reimagine what’s possible with email.

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