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About Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot is a powerful and commonly used Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) with market-leading capabilities to effectively manage all of your marketing campaigns and email mailstreams. But this power brings complexity with it, meaning email creation in the platform is not for everyone.

Stensul’s comprehensive integration with Pardot simplifies and speeds the email creation process. Even novice email creators can use the Stensul Email Creation Platform™ with its easy to use drag & drop capability. The platform is connected to your digital asset management environment, workflow management system, real-time personalization tools, and analytics to create on-brand, mobile-responsive, inbox-tested and compliant emails. Email creators can then push their emails to Pardot in a single click.

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Get certified for MCAE/Pardot

Pardot Specialist Certification

Guide and Practical Study Tips for becoming a Certified Pardot Specialist.

Salesforce Pardot Specialist Certification is a marketing credential offered by Salesforce for marketing operations professionals who’ve passed the certified exam.

In order to receive the credentials, you must first register for the Salesforce Pardot Specialist Certification. When you pass the exam, it not only helps your career prospects (see demand for Salesforce talent), but it also tells current and future employers you know your stuff when it comes to marketing automation. Gaining the trust of your boss and peers may be more valuable than any raise.

Free Pardot HTML Templates

Having great email templates in Pardot saves you a ton of time if you are building emails using only the Pardot email builder. But where do you start?

Stensul has created a library of free Pardot email templates to get you started that are Pardot-ready, responsive, and fully tested in over 100 email clients. These include Events email templates, Thank You email templates, Product Update templates, Newsletter email templates, Triggered email templates, Retention & Reactivation email templates and more. All for free.

Check them out and download at the link below.


Stensul integrates with Salesforce MCAE/Pardot Campaigns and Folders via API sending email and landing page HTML and embedding forms

Stensul integration with Salesforce Pardot

Stensul’s Pardot integration pushes HTML to Salesforce Pardot using a secure API, so you can create more without the typical back-and-forth.


3 Pardot training resources for soon-to-be Salesforce Marketer

Learn where to find the ultimate Pardot training resources across the SFDC ecosystem.

This article will help you find high-quality videos, on-demand webinars, and guided up-to-date training materials led by certified Salesforce experts.

We’ll focus primarily on free resources because there’s a lot of them, however, it’s worth noting that nothing beats the premium training materials offered by Salesforce in the Trailhead Academy. What follows are the best resources that will get you started learning the basics of that shiny new software purchase.

3 free MCASE/Pardot training resources
Marketing operations automation expert leading a team meeting

How Pardot automation rules improve your marketing strategy

Pardot Automation rules allow you to set up marketing and sales actions that are based on criteria that you have selected. They help you to use marketing automation to improve your overall business performance as it relates to lead generation, converting those leads and turning them into closed deals.

Stensul integrates with all the tools in your Marketing stack across ESPs/MAPs, Messaging, Workflow, and Content libraries.