Stensul raises $34.5m in Series C funding

Stensul is used by 5 of the top 10 US banks

Email creation you can bank on

Stensul can help your financial services company meet the industry’s three top marketing challenges: changing consumer demands, driving customer loyalty, and remaining competitive. Is your email creation process up to the challenge?

Stensul works for Financial Services

Change months-long idea-to-execution time frames to minutes and remove dependence on technical resources or external agencies.

Let thousands create while you stay in control and send mobile-ready, quality emails from their Outlook accounts with a no-code/low-code solution.

See emails go out that are always on brand and fully compliant because of advanced guardrails that meet the needs of your governance policies, workflows, and team structures.

How much is email creation costing you today?


Organizations using Stensul have seen their email creation times reduce by as much as 90%.  

You can shift that recovered production-related time to strategy to optimize email performance. Read more about the time-savings that you can achieve in Email creation at speed – Improve the process efficiency of your centralized email creation operation


Regardless of where your company is in its growth curve, Stensul offers an email creation method that scales as your organization’s email demand grows.

One of the largest investment banks and financial services companies uses Stensul to allow thousands of financial advisors to create emails in Stensul and send them directly from their Outlook accounts. Read how Stensul’s approach to Outlook can work for you in  How to send HTML emails from Outlook more easily with Stensul.


Worries about emails being deployed that haven’t been properly reviewed – to meet at your institution’s governance requirements – become a thing of the past when you use Stensul. 

The platform includes the most advanced guardrails in the category, giving you more than 230 different permissions to control who can and cannot create, approve, or send emails. With this sort of programmable permissioning, your email creation process becomes truly efficient.

Learn how to make your email creation process as efficient as the rest of your marketing operation in How to make your email review & approval process efficient


Stensul integrates with all leading ESPs/MAPs, workflow platforms, image DAMs, live content, link tracking, and messaging platforms. These connections will boost the performance levels of those components in your martech stack, making it faster and simpler to leverage their capabilities right from the Stensul email builder.

Personalizing emails with Dynamic Content is a much easier and far less risky proposition when done in Stensul. Learn all about it in The MOPs’ guide to efficient email personalization

Stensul integrations

Make a worthwhile investment in time...

Learn more about how Stensul can work for your Financial Services company.

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eBook: The economics of email creation

As a Financial Services marketer, you can relate to Ben Franklin’s adage, “Time is money.” Yet there’s a good chance your operation is taking longer than it should – or you have available. Learn how to make your email creation process more efficient in “The economics of email creation.”

Optimized email performance makes a big impact on sales

A division of the world’s largest health insurer using Stensul regained 200+ hours/month to run A/B tests and personalization efforts. They saw a 19% increase in leads and an additional $32 million of sales pipeline one year after implementing Stensul.

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eBook: What your CMO needs to know about email creation

Your CMO believes in email because it delivers the results they seek. But they may not believe how hard it is for you and your team to create those emails.

Find out how to talk to your CMO about creating emails efficiently and producing better results.