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Why Financial Services companies choose the Stensul Email Creation Platform

Stensul can help your financial services company meet the industry’s three top marketing challenges: changing consumer demands, driving customer loyalty, and remaining competitive. Is your email creation process up to the challenge?

Nothing finds clients, gets them to invest, or keeps them loyal better than email. It typically has a 42% ROI, yet it takes 2+ weeks to create 1 email for 80% of brands. With the Stensul Email Creation Platform™, you can cut the email creation time by up to 90%.
Create emails efficiently

By simplifying collaboration and streamlining email creation with Stensul, you can save 1000s of hours/month of time

Sharpen email strategy

With less time taken up by email creation, the email team can focus on strategy that can enhance the customer relationship, like personalization and A/B testing.

Optimize email performance

Stensul has improved efficiency ratios for email in financial services marketing organizations by 7-10x.


Connects the martech stack into a single collaborative environment including SFMC, Oracle Eloqua, Adobe Workfront, MS Teams, Movable Ink, and many other platforms

“With Stensul, designers can focus on the right look and feel of the email, rather than playing around with code to make certain layouts work.”

Digital Marketing Director

Fortune 500 Financial Services

healthcare insurer saw $32m pipeline growth

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