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Imagine a world where…the entire B2B marketing team is able to create on-brand, compelling emails that drive new business and increase customer engagement.

Stensul can show B2B marketers why and how to bring efficiency to email creation and enhance the overall performance of your email programs

For B2B marketing to work, it has to follow a structured, proven, and effective strategy. Suboptimal marketing tactics can be expensive and tedious. This is true for all categories but especially for B2B. Without an effective B2B marketing funnel, it will be challenging to raise awareness, find prospects, and convert them into clients or customers.

Stensul is how you can create high-performing emails within minutes. You’ll be able to create emails nine times faster and be twice as effective. This is largely possible because Stensul brings all those involved in the email creation process into a common environment for seamless, effective collaboration and real-time reviews. By helping you create emails that are relevant to the recipients, Stensul optimizes your email creation process, decreasing the time you spend on email and increasing the time you can spend on strategy and performance.


Decrease creation time per email up to 90%

  • Empower teams to create the emails they need with guardrails that ensure best practices
  • Reduce bottlenecks by democratizing the email creation process
  • Use collaborative approvals to reduce wait-time in the email creation workflow
an email creation platform can reduce email creation time by 90% or more
Approvers working collaboratively in the email building process saves time and money

Increase time spent on strategy and testing

  • Reduce time on re-work and busy-work with integrated collaborative tools like Slack and Teams
  • Use 90% time savings to develop different messaging and images for testing
  • Use Stensul’s Generative AI-powered tools to suggest A/B testing options
  • Improve testing and strategy approaches to improve email metrics

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