B2B companies

should be able to focus on making their email programs more effective to generate new leads rather than getting bogged down in the email creation process

Imagine a world where…the entire marketing team is able to create on-brand, compelling emails that drive new business and increase customer engagement.

Decrease time per email up to 90%

  • Empower teams to create the emails they need with guardrails that ensure best practices
  • Reduce bottlenecks by democratizing the email creation process
  • Use collaborative approvals to reduce wait-time in the email creation workflow
Chart showing time saving using Stensul

Increase time spent on strategy and testing

  • Reduce time on re-work and busy-work with integrated collaborative tools like Slack and Teams
  • Use 90% time savings to develop different messaging and images for testing
  • Improve testing and strategy approaches to improve email metrics

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