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Email and landing page creation, at scale

Simple, no-code, email and landing page creation.
Team collaboration in one place.
Always on-brand. At high volumes.

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360° Integrations

  • Push production-ready emails to your ESP/MAP via API including Marketo, Eloqua, SFMC, Pardot, and many more
  • Easily integrate with the key tools already in your MarTech stack: SSO, DAMs, dynamic content, RSS, tracking, messaging and workflow
  • Collaborate seamlessly on email creation via first class integrations with Workfront, Slack, Teams and Asana
  • Provide live content email experiences via native integrations with  Liveclicker and Movable Ink
Stensul has integrations across the martech ecosystem with ESPs MAPs Workflow DAMs Messaging and more connecting email creation to everything else you use
ensure brand guidelines are followed in every email created

Send the right email every time

  • Brand confidence
    • Pre-set brand guardrails for colors, fonts, sizes, spacing and more.
    • Permissions set by user, team, or business unit
    • Image library integrations ensure that only approved hi-res images are used
    • Character/line count limits, image quality controls, and link URL validation
    • Preview and account for Dark Mode during creation
  • Legal and ADA compliance
    • Locked approved text for disclaimers and T&Cs
    • Ensure ADA compliance and best practices are followed with HTML settings, color contrast, alt text, and more
    • Enforce CASL, CAN-SPAM, and other important regulations

Real-time Collaboration

  • Create emails individually or as a team in real-time
  • Receive Slack or Teams notifications as teammates work on projects you care about
  • Content library and Live content integrations break down silos between creation and design
  • Enable colleagues to leave comments, mention teammates, and see the status of any email in progress
  • View Dark Mode behavior during review and approval
  • Multi-stage or agile workflows supported for review and formal approvals. Or, pass emails into your existing workflow and project management tools
Stensul platform for collaborative email creation
Stensul Landing Page builder allows for customization and integration of Marketo and MCAE/Pardot forms

Landing Page Builder

  • Integrated no code Landing Page Builder with drag and drop Modules
  • Style Modules to create on brand landing pages in minutes rather than days
    • Set Padding, Fonts, Colors, Font sizes and more
  • Add Marketo and MCAE (Pardot) Forms to your landing pages and apply CSS Styling
  • Embed tagging as needed to your Landing Pages
  • Create templates so you are never starting from scratch with each page
  • Upload HTML to your Landing Page hosting platform

Scalable Personalization

  • Dynamic Content made easy
    • Publish Dynamic Content to Marketo and SFMC from Stensul with no coding knowledge required
    • Review and approve in Stensul to view content personalized to each segment
    • Integrated with your ESP/MAP or via JSON
    • Preview customized Live content in your emails with Movable Ink and Liveclicker integrations


  • Localized emails at scale
    • Export your email to over 15 translation platforms via industry standard format
    • Upload multiple files to create localized email copies
    • Send localized emails to relevant local teams for collaborative Review and Approval
Author and preview Marketo dynamic snippets in a no code builder
Stensul combines bring your own code and no code together in one email creation platform

No-code / Hybrid creation

  • Unlimited creativity for your emails without needing to know how to code
  • Augment no-code modules with custom HTML combined with Stensul guardrails
  • Drag and drop creation empowers everyone to be able to create a professional looking email
  • Get Generative AI-powered suggestions to help optimize email performance
  • Create emails that render perfectly every time without worrying about ongoing QA
Enterprise grade email creation that scales and is fully secure


  • Built for email creation teams from a few to many thousands, in centralized, distributed or a combination of working models
  • Flexible implementation process and an experienced team ensures you get off to a fast start and see success quickly
  • AAA rated WCAG accessibility score across the platform
  • Sophisticated administrative functions to configure for the business you operate – SSO, granular permissions, roles, groups, workflows and more
  • SOC2 Type 2 compliant and robust infrastructure able to support pre-IPO to Fortune 10 customers

Proven Results


hours saved

Large asset management company reduced time spent on email creation from 1,750 hours to 750 a month, a 60% decrease


cost per email decrease with 10x output

Fortune 500 technology company increased email output 10x and reduced cost per email by over 80%


saved hours and 70% fewer touchpoints

Fortune 10 healthcare company went from 71 hours per email with 8 touchpoints, to 35 hours with 3 touchpoints


savings in agency cost

Large electronics company reduced email creation time by 90%, enabling reallocation of $300k from outsourced agency to strategic work

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