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should move their email creation team from operating in silos and using single-purpose tools to a focus on optimization

Imagine a world where…the email creation team is focused on strategy, A/B testing, and learning from each other via interconnected collaborative technologies, creating endless possibilities for innovation and decreasing time and cost per email.

Increase throughput up to 9x

  • Connect the existing tech you use every day to streamline communication
  • Speed email creation by reducing internal touchpoints on every email
  • Enable teams to spend more time on testing, personalization, and optimization

Decrease email creation time up to 90%

  • Reduce the painful back-and-forth by empowering teams to create their own emails, leveraging technology to ensure brand compliance
  • Eliminate bottlenecks by democratizing the email creation process
  • Easy team collaboration in one place decreases wait-time in the overall email creation workflow

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