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Marketing Ops

a/b testing for email marketing

Imagine a world where…the email creation team is focused on strategy, A/B testing, and learning from each other via interconnected collaborative technologies, creating endless possibilities for innovation and decreasing time and cost per email.

Marketing Ops and Email Creation

As a Marketing Ops pro, you’re proud of the efficiency of your martech stack. Why not do the same for the inefficient email creation process of your organization?

Stensul can show you why and how to bring efficiency to email creation and enhance the overall performance of your martech stack, helping you increase throughput 9x and reduce creation time up to 90%.

Increase throughput up to 9x

  • Connect the existing tech you use every day to streamline communication
  • Speed email creation by reducing internal touchpoints on every email
  • Enable teams to spend more time on testing, personalization, and optimization
increase throughput for email creation pushing to the ESP or MAP by 9x or more
Shae McLaughlin is Marketing Operations Manager at Stensul

How Stensul Uses Stensul

A day in the life of Stensul's Marketing Operations Manager

an email creation platform can reduce email creation time by 90% or more

Decrease email creation time up to 90%

  • Reduce the painful back-and-forth by empowering teams to create their own emails, leveraging technology to ensure brand compliance
  • Eliminate bottlenecks by democratizing the email creation process
  • Easy team collaboration in one place decreases wait-time in the overall email creation workflow

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Stensul has a wide array of resources for Marketing Ops to learn about ways to move from simple creation efficiency to optimized performance in your email marketing operation.

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