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Create more appealing subject lines, preheader and preview text, CTAs, and more plus boost open rates and improve conversions with the ease and speed of AI-powered email tools from Stensul.

The Stensul Subject Line Generator in action creating 5 subject lines in the selected style for a selected industry from the email content using GPT4

Response to our initial AI-powered email tool, the Stensul Subject Line Generator (SLG), continues to be terrific. We’re glad so many are finding it a great way to come up with alternatives to test and use quickly. Now we’re offering a number of additional AI-powered tools to help you improve the performance of two other critical components of an email, including Preheader text, and CTAs. Like our SLG, they’re both easy to use and quickly provide alternatives.

Preheader Text Generator

Evidence suggests strong preheader copy can be as compelling to subscribers as a catchy subject line. That’s why we developed an AI-powered preheader text generator. You no longer have to spend precious time searching for the right words or seeing which set will work best in a hurriedly done A/B test. The Stensul Preheader Text Generator will do the work for you – in milliseconds. It can help you exceed your open rate expectations. 

CTA Text Generator

Getting recipients of your email to open it is half the battle. To help you motivate them to take the next step, the Stensul CTA Text Generator will help you find what will work best – based on the email’s offer, your demo, and other factors. The whole process is done in practically the blink of an eye, giving you time to try and test to see what’ll work best. It may help you achieve a higher than anticipated conversion rate.

Style Rewrite tool

The Style Rewrite tool lets you adjust email copy to reflect a range of tonalities, from funny to business-like, so it best reflects the nature of the message or the audience to which it’s directed.

Regionalize your email text

This tool will regionalize and translate your email text into something that will resonate with the selected region.

Preview Text Generator

This tool will take the copy of your completed email and will return 3 options for you to optimize the preview text in your email. Preview Text is what is displayed in many email clients in close proximity to the Sender Name and Subject Line and is often used to provide a preview of what the email will contain.

Spelling and Grammar check

The Spelling and Grammar check tool runs through your email copy, flagging typos and grammatical errors. It’s like having an astoundingly fast – and accurate – proofreader.

You can now say goodbye to that drama. Now you can use Stensul’s AI-powered Stensul email toolkit with is adding new tools all the time. They are powered by OpenAI’s generative AI, (which powers ChatGPT) and provides you with alternative subject lines, preheader text, CTAs, and more, in mere seconds. What you’ll see is based on the email content you have already developed.

The process is simple. Once you enter the email text, simply let your selected tool’s chatbot know what kind of company is yours, the industry you compete in, and the preferred tone for the output. After those few keystrokes of typing, you then click to start the near-instantaneous process. Before you can say A/B test, the tool has subject lines, preheader text, CTAs and more on the screen for you to consider, adapt, or, just maybe, use. It even has a handy copy-to-clipboard button.

Simple. Fast. And surprisingly creative. Try the Stensul AI-powered Email toolkit to see for yourself. 

For those a little hesitant, it’s worth noting that AI hasn’t suddenly appeared. It only feels that way. AI was established as an academic discipline, and computer scientists gathered to discuss it in the 1950s.  It’s come to the fore now because of the massive explosion in Big Data, the parallel developments of lots and lots of data being produced, and the growth in computing power to sort through, analyze, and draw inferences from it. Your risk, if any, is limited. Go ahead, and try the Stensul Subject Line Generator. If you’d like to learn more about Stensul’s Email Creation Platform, download this eBook

There’s much to consider and determine how to apply AI to aid your email creation activities. To help, this post offers six ways to leverage currently available, trainable (more on that later) AI chatbots to improve the quality and performance of your emails. They are:

  1. Segment your list better, faster
  2. Generate pre-headers and subject lines that encourage opens
  3. Design or find images that grab attention
  4. Overcome writer’s block
  5. Make personalization even more powerful
  6. Present the perfect call-to-action

To learn more about these six ways to take advantage of AI right now, read the post Six ways to use AI right now to create better marketing emails.

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