B2C companies

should be able to focus on making their email program more effective to drive customer engagement rather than getting bogged down in the email creation process

Imagine a world where…your specialized teams are focused on personalized dynamic experiences that delight your customers and never have to worry about email creation time.

Focus on innovation and personalization

  • Visualize emails in a single collaborative platform with real-time feedback on copy and layout
  • Easily test multiple options for personalized copy and design due to reduced email creation time
  • Incorporate new interactive and dynamic technologies with high impact in email programs
chart showing developer email plan

Improve email performance up to 200%

  • Focus on testing, results, and analysis rather than email creation
  • Enhance personalization and creative optimization
  • Increase CTR % through improved strategy time and testing
  • Improve email ROI due to lower internal email creation costs

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