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Our team is inclusive and dynamic, an incredible group of top performers coming from all different backgrounds and experiences. Across our offices in the US and Argentina, we're united on our mission, and we know we can only accomplish it together. If you’re an ambitious problem-solver who isn’t afraid to take on challenges, we’d love to hear from you.

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Stensul Core Values

Our Values are the foundation of our culture. They guide how we treat each other, how we hire, how we make strategic & day to day decisions, how we celebrate wins, and ultimately how we build a successful, enduring company.

Learning Agile:
 The ability and passion to continually acquire new skills, learn from experience, embrace new challenges and identify ways to make things better. People that succeed at stensul are overly curious and welcome new ideas, viewpoints and ways of doing things.

Team Players:
There's no way to do what stensul is trying to do with one superhero. If someone believes they are above everyone else, that's a problem. We're a team, and therefore we show up for each other. This means we prioritize winning together even if it means doing work outside of our “normal” scope.

 Heart. Hunger. Passion. Garra is a Spanish word that encapsulates these ideas, and reminds us to be relentless in how we show up for our customers and each other. 

Above & Beyond:
 We raise the bar, strive for excellence, and don’t settle for subpar work. We go the extra mile vs. just meeting expectations.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At stensul, we strive to create an environment where everyone on our team feels encouraged and empowered to be the most authentic version of themselves. We understand that this means a deep and authentic commitment to racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. We are building a workplace where people of all backgrounds and lived experiences feel like they truly belong through workshops, education, and continuous dialogue based on a foundation of diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging.

We understand and acknowledge that individuals that identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and/or Pacific Islander, folx in the LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities both visible and invisible, and the neurodiverse often face difficult obstacles and barriers to accessing opportunities. Therefore, we are committed to holding ourselves accountable and doing our part to address inequities internally. 

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Asian American Pacific Islander community. We condemn racism and believe that we all have an important role to play in dismantling white supremacy and other systems of oppression. 

We support communities of women who work or seek to work in tech companies in Latin America through our partnerships with “Women Who Code”, “Chicas Programando” and “[LAS] de Sistemas” in Argentina. These communities share knowledge, support, and empower those who identify as women, lesbians, trans and non-binary. 

We are committed to being an agent of change in the SaaS landscape.

Hear from a few folks on our team

Kelly Dynan

Customer Success

"The market fit is what sets stensul apart - email marketing does not have to be painful, and stensul makes everyone's life simpler and painless. We have some pretty major customers, and stensul is now an integral part of their organization. It is always nice to hear from users how much they love our platform, and how they recommend us to other departments and teams. Internally, our team is full of rockstars. We are all close-knit, and willing to help out no matter what. From our customers to our team, stensul truly makes an impact."

Brian Powers


"I love working at stensul because of the people around me, as well as the product itself. The team at stensul is a very close-knit group that genuinely cares about one another, all with the same focus and hunger to ensure stensul reaches the potential we all know is possible. The product itself is so good. It makes my job very easy, and I enjoy seeing people's reactions the first time they see the platform and understand how much easier it will make their lives."

Kerrie Ishkarin

Product Design

"The stensul team is made up of people who are friendly, open to ideas, collaborative, and dedicated to the product. It’s great to be in an environment that provides feedback and challenges each other to make the product better. It’s also refreshing to be in a place that acknowledges both small and big wins. I’m excited to make an impact by iteratively improving the user experience of the product."

Our employees come first. Stensul offers:

Fast growing start-up that has massive potential, Fortune 100 clients and top tier investors

Professional development and training opportunities

Opportunities to work between our New York and Buenos Aires offices

Competitive compensation packages

Fun team events and outings

Full health coverage: Medical, dental and vision, plus parental leave

Generous vacation, sick and WFH days

Work from home perks

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