Stensul raises $34.5m in Series C funding

Designers & Copywriters

Imagine a world where…you are confident that your email designs, images, and copy will be delivered to subscribers just as you intended.

Stensul can show designers and copywriters why and how to bring efficiency to email creation and enhance the overall performance of your email programs, helping you reduce creation time up to 90%.

Increase time spent on strategy and testing

  • Reduce time on last-minute re-work and non-stop changes by working in a collaborative platform
  • Leverage time savings to focus your energy on the highest value work
  • Improve email metrics through enhanced testing and strategy approaches
Approvers working collaboratively in the email building process saves time and money
Caroline Iraci, Art Director

How Stensul Uses Stensul

A day in the life of Stensul's Art Director

Modular email design provides marketer flexibility and design consistency

Increase copy and design impact

  • Visualize emails as they are being created, eliminating “well now that I see it…” comments
  • Easily test multiple options for copy and design due to reduced email creation time
  • Build in a single collaborative platform with real-time feedback on copy and layout from stakeholders

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You spend hours ensuring that emails look and read in the most compelling way possible for subscribers. Let’s help you maximize the impact of those designs.

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