Stensul raises $34.5m in Series C funding

Woman checking pricing Stensul is G2 rated 4.9
Woman checking pricing Stensul is G2 rated 4.9

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Stensul can make your email and landing page creation time-efficient. And cost-efficient too.

Stensul reduces the time to create emails and landing pages by up to 90%. Companies like yours use Stensul to achieve creation time efficiency with the added benefit of our cost-efficient pricing. We have pricing plans based on your functionality, usage levels, and support & services. Let’s develop a pricing package that works best for you. Request a quote today.
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The Growth Package

The Growth Package is ideal for those looking to start using the Stensul platform with a single ESP/MAP integration. It’s all about quickly getting into collaborative email and landing page creation – including our Quick Start Onboarding and a designated Customer Success Manager (CSM).

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The Team Package

The Team Package is a step up from our Growth package, aimed at organizations with more extensive email programs and martech stacks that typically include content, collaboration, workflow platforms, and an ESP/MAP. This package offers custom onboarding along with a designated CSM.

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The Business Package

The Business Package is designed to serve organizations that need high functionality and unlimited usage levels to bring efficiency to an already sizable and sophisticated email operation. Onboarding for this package is customized. It includes a designated CSM.

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The Enterprise Package

For large organizations with a great deal of email creation activity, the Enterprise Package is the one to choose. It’s designed for the highest functionality and unlimited usage levels. Custom onboarding is provided, as well as a designated CSM and Technical Account Manager (TAM) with custom services and support available.

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