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Marketing Leaders

A/B Testing

Imagine a world where… marketing leaders see their email teams spend most of their time on strategy, testing, segmentation, personalization, and other proven performance boosters instead of tedious production-related activities.

Marketing Leaders and Email Creation

Stensul can show you why and how to bring efficiency to email and landing page creation and enhance the overall performance of your marketing initiatives while helping you reduce creation time by up to 90%.

Improve email performance up to 200%

  • Focus on improving the performance of email programs rather than just hoping to get the email produced and out the door
  • Use Stensul’s Generative AI-powered tools to suggest A/B testing options
  • Improve the frequency and use of personalization and segmentation
  • Increase click to open rate (CTR) percentage made possible by increased time to conduct A/B testing, evaluate the results and refine strategy appropriately
  • Improve overall email return on investment (ROI) a direct result of lower internal (and, possibly, external) email creation costs
With Stensul email marketers can focus on optimized performance rather than making emails
Geoff Smith, SVP Marketing

How Stensul Uses Stensul

A day in the life of Stensul's SVP of Marketing

decrease cost of email creation while also increasing volume

Improved email ROI

  • Enable different skill levels to create emails by democratizing email creation
  • Reduce re-work and testing thanks to guardrails and controls
  • Increase margins thanks to a reduced overall cost per email

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Stensul has a wide array of resources for Marketing leaders to learn about ways to move from simple creation efficiency to optimized performance in your email marketing operation.

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