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Brand & Compliance

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Imagine a world where…brand and compliance occur with ease and emails are always on-brand and follow best practices, all with minimal oversight approval needed.

Stensul can show you why and how to bring efficiency to email creation – reducing creation time by up to 90% – and enhance the overall performance of your email programs, while ensuring that quality, on-brand emails are created 100% of the time.

Move brand and legal compliance checks upstream, saving valuable time

  • Ensure 100% on-brand performance thanks to robust, automated guardrails around fonts, colors, legal language, and other important items
  • Prevent users from selecting the wrong versions of logos, headshots, or other image assets via integrations with content libraries and DAMs
  • Have 100% confidence in emails containing accurate, most current language for highly-regulated industries
ensure brand guidelines are followed in every email created
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How Stensul Uses Stensul

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Collaborative email approvals ensure marketing emails are on-brand, compliance and high quality

Reduce approval time and review errors

  • Reduce touchpoints in email creation by up to 80% with automated guardrails on text, logos, images and more
  • Ensure people are leaving comments on and approving the latest version of an email and can view history

Learn more about ensuring emails are on-brand all the time

Ensuring emails are always on-brand and compliant is critical to the success of your email program.

Check out our eBooks, case studies, and blog posts to learn how to move from reduce touchpoints and ensure great on-brand design in your email marketing operation.

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