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Stensul cost of building emails calculator

If you’ve ever wondered how much time it takes or what it costs to create an HTML email – or just want to confirm your suspicions, the Stensul cost of building emails calculator is for you. After a few keystrokes, you’ll be able to see what your total email creation costs are today. And more importantly, you’ll be able to see how much time and money you’ll be able to save if you use the Stensul Email and Landing Page Creation Platform.

Try it. You’ve nothing to lose except time and money spent on production-related activities that you could apply to strategic activities that can optimize your email performance.

After analyzing thousands of email builds, Stensul found that production-related activities took up 90% of the time available to email teams. That left just 10% to spend on strategy, message refinement, and, if time allowed (which it often didn’t), conducting A/B testing.

The reason this time imbalance exists can be found in how the overwhelming majority of companies create emails. It’s characterized by specialists using single-purpose tools operating in silos. It’s a complicated, time-consuming, and costly process that, for 80% of companies, takes two weeks or more to get one email out the door.

If your email creation process is like that, the only way to get the time to properly segment your audience, personalize the messages you send them and use Dynamic Content authoring to make it highly relevant to each subscriber is to make it efficient. And that’s what you can do with Stensul. 

For example, a real estate development company saved 254 hours monthly by shifting to the Stensul Email and Landing Page Creation Platform. A digital media and events company cut creation time 18x and saw a 300x growth in email-based pipeline.

Stensul changes the time it takes to create an email from days or weeks to hours. It empowers non-technical people to quickly create emails that are always on brand, thanks to robust programmable guardrails – that ensure any required industry or regulatory content is always properly included.

Ready to transform how you create emails?