Stensul raises $34.5m in Series C funding

Internal agencies

Imagine a world where…real-time collaboration with your client stakeholders helps great emails get done faster and better.

Stensul can help you create a Center of Excellence for your email program by cutting creation time by 90% so you can focus on:

  • Increased testing and personalization
  • Improved focus on core metrics like CTR% and other KPIs
  • Revenue and ROI growth of the email channel

Increase internal client satisfaction

  • Eliminate re-work and broken code for clients
  • Reduce friction of offline communications via connected tools
  • Devote more time to testing and strategy through shorter email creation cycles
eliminate broken email code lets you increase client satisfaction
decrease cost of email creation while also increasing volume

Improved email ROI

  • Enable different skill levels to create emails by democratizing email creation
  • Reduce re-work and testing thanks to guardrails and controls
  • Increase margins thanks to a reduced overall cost per email

Learn more to create better

Digital agencies are always trying to do more with less, and never more so than with email creation. It is always changing, and you need to be agile to keep up and exceed client expectations.

Check out our eBooks and blog posts to learn how to move from simple creation efficiency to optimized performance in your email marketing operation.

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