Stensul raises $34.5m in Series C funding

Email marketers in highly-regulated industries

Imagine a world where…marketing emails are always on-brand, regulation-compliant, and meet best practices every time with minimal approval oversight needed.

Stensul can show email marketers in highly-regulated industries why and how to bring efficiency to email creation and enhance the overall performance of their email programs

Ensure brand and legal compliance without manual intervention

  • Be 100% confident about the accuracy of the language used for regulated statements
  • Always select the right assets via integration with content libraries and DAMs
  • Ensure always-on-brand design thanks to robust guardrails that control use of fonts, colors, and best practices
ensure brand guidelines are followed in every email created
Approvers working collaboratively in the email building process saves time and money

Increase time spent on strategy

  • Reduce touchpoints in email creation by up to 80% through automated approvals
  • Increase throughput by reducing bottlenecks and required approvals with guardrail protections
  • Focus teams on analysis, results, and other priorities without concern about quality

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Email Marketing in highly regulated industries like Financial Services, Insurance, or Healthcare adds another laundry list of items to need to ensure are always right in your mailstreams.

Check out our eBooks and blog posts to learn how to move from simple creation efficiency to optimized performance in your email marketing operation, while reducing the compliance-related obstacles along the way.

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