Highly-regulated industries

should not have to worry about the risk of emails ever being off-brand or not including required language

Imagine a world where…emails are always on-brand, regulation-compliant, and meet best practices every time with minimal oversight approval needed.

Ensure brand and legal compliance without manual intervention

  • Be 100% confident in accurate language around regulated statements
  • Always select the right assets via integration with content libraries and DAMs
  • Ensure 100% on-brand design thanks to guardrails around fonts, colors, and best practices
Chart showing time saving using Stensul

Increase time spent on strategy

  • Reduce touchpoints in email creation by up to 80% through automated approvals
  • Increase throughput by reducing bottlenecks and required approvals with guardrail protections
  • Focus teams on analysis, results, and other priorities without concern about quality

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