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Since 2013, Marketo has given power users the opportunity to achieve Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) status by passing the Marketo Certification Exam. Initially, the test was “a piece of cake” according to Solomon Solutions, a Marketo consulting agency. However, in recent years, the Marketo Certification Exam (now called Adobe Certified Expert – Marketo Engage Business Practitioner Exam) has evolved into a bonafide marketing operations right of passage.

This article will teach you how to prepare for, and pass, the ultimate marketing automation exam.

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Marketo training guides

5 Marketo training resources you don't have to pay for

Marketo Engage isn’t like other platforms—you can’t really dabble in it. Unless your company is paying the premium for the platform, you can’t even get Marketo Certified. So how does a marketing operations professional go from aspiring to practicing without already having a job in the industry?

Check out these resources we’ve collected for you that won’t cost you a penny!

Free Marketo HTML Templates

Having great email templates in Marketo saves you a ton of time if you are building emails using only the Marketo email builder or Marketo Design Studio. But where do you start?

Stensul has created a library of free Marketo email templates to get you started that are Marketo-ready, responsive, and tested in over 100 email clients. These include a Welcome Email templates, Thank You email templates, Events email templates, Email Digest templates, Product Update templates, Newsletter email templates and more. All for free.

Check them out at the link below.


Stensul email templates
lead scoring increases revenue

How Marketo lead scoring saves your company time and money

Lead scoring is a marketing tactic that prioritizes your most qualified leads. Using a scoring method can make your sales cycle more efficient, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenues.

How Stensul integrates with Marketo

Easily push HTML to Marketo Marketing Activities or Design Studio directly from Stensul via API

Adobe Marketo Engage is a powerful Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) with market-leading capabilities to effectively manage all of your marketing campaigns and email mailstreams. But this power brings complexity with it, meaning email creation in the platform is not for everyone. Stensul’s comprehensive integration with Marketo simplifies the email creation process, so even novice email creators can use the Stensul Email Creation Platform™ with its easy to use drag & drop capability.

Stensul's Marketo integration pushes to Design Studio and Marketing Activities

Stensul integrates with all the tools in your Marketing stack across ESPs/MAPs, Messaging, Workflow, and Content libraries.