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Dark Mode Color Checker

As a marketer, you cannot overlook the impact Dark Mode is having on how emails are created, and no more so than how it impacts the colors you use. A recent survey found more than 8 out of 10 Mac users take advantage of that setting. Another study reported nearly 40% of users of the most popular mobile client, Apple Mail on iOS, opt for Dark Mode.

Overwhelmingly, the reason given by the respondents was Dark Mode is easier on their eyes, not because it was “cool.” Whether the choice is based on practical or whimsical reasons, Dark Mode poses real challenges to creating emails that work in this environment – chief among them is whether your color choice appears as you need it to.

To help you easily address that, Stensul offers an easy, effective Dark Mode Color Checker.

It will show you what your color choice will look like in Light Mode or in Full Dark Mode.

Simply input your color choice by either HEX, RGB, or HSL code, or click on the eye dropper icon and drag the circle to the color on your email template. Then click on the Show Me the Dark Mode button. At the click, you’ll see how that color will appear in Light or Full Dark Mode.

Color in Light Mode:

Color in Dark Mode:

By seeing how your color choices appear in Dark Mode – before you complete creating an email – time will be saved, but, more importantly, your subscribers who’ve opted for Dark Mode will be able to see it and read it without issue.

Use this tool as often as you like. It’s another way Stensul helps you create emails easily and efficiently.

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