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Why savvy email marketers choose the AI-enabled Stensul Email and Landing Page Creation Platform

The Stensul Email and Landing Creation Platform lets you create better content more efficiently with integrated Generative AI-enabled capabilities.

Leverage AI to overcome writer’s block

Find optional subject lines and preheader text in seconds with the AI-powered Subject Line and Preheader Text Generator.


Reduce creation time by up to 90%

Even non-technical people can create high-quality emails in minutes, not hours or weeks.


Use AI to help boost click-through rates

The AI-enabled CTA Text Generator lets you find the optimal call-to-action to motivate subscribers.


Iterate on copy rapidly with AI

You can rework email headlines and body copy in a snap with the AI-enabled Writing Style Changer. Style options include enthusiastic, funny, informational, professional, and casual. Plus, you can control the character or word count with each option.

“Stensul gives us meaningful visibility into what email creators outside of GCE are doing, so we can track and prevent things from getting out of control”

Lia Jacob

Assistant Director of Marketing Communications

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