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Stensul's Pardot integration pushes HTML to Salesforce Pardot using a secure API, so you can create more without the typical back-and-forth.

How the Stensul Integration with Salesforce Pardot works

Salesforce Pardot (now known as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) is a powerful and commonly used Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) with market-leading capabilities to effectively manage all of your marketing campaigns and email mailstreams. But this power brings complexity with it, meaning email creation in the platform is not for everyone. Stensul’s comprehensive integration with Pardot simplifies and speeds the email creation process. Even novice email creators can use the Stensul Email Creation Platform™ with its easy to use drag & drop capability. The platform is connected to your digital asset management environment, workflow management system, real-time personalization tools, and analytics to create on-brand, mobile-responsive, inbox-tested and compliant emails. Email creators can then push their emails to Pardot in a single click.

  • Collaborate and create your email in Stensul with Pardot customized features including
    • PHL/PML personalization strings
  • Finish the email after review and approval in Stensul or in a separate workflow tool
  • Upload HTML to Pardot folders and campaigns, including
    • Subject Line
    • From and Reply-To values
    • Email type
  • Secure API Upload of HTML to Pardot
Stensul integrates with Salesforce Pardot Campaigns and Folders via API