Use Cases

Modern marketing teams are using stensul’s email generation platform to centralize and streamline all their email creation processes. Using our unique low-code design and templating tools they’re able to empower users across all marketing teams, while keeping branding, governance, and control top of mind.
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Scale Email Production Through Technology, Not Headcount

Generate better custom emails without incurring more cost.

Commonly, larger companies employ a central team (creative, development, internal agency, marketing ops, CoE, and the like) to handle email generation requests from internal ‘customers’. As the volume of those requests increases, so does the company headcount (or agency expenditures) With stensul, however, you can scale up your email production without scaling up costs. Central teams can become platform admins, setting up the modules, templates, and brand guideline rules. Permissioned platform access is granted to end users (the internal ‘customers’ making the requests) who then fill the copy, links, images, and other content into those module wireframes or templates, while adhering to brand guidelines governed by the platform.

Slash Email Production Timelines by 90%

Stop the endless back-and-forth of your production process.

A marketer is the life force behind an email: they plan the copy and content, while also owning the strategy, process and outcomes. Creative teams then ensure they look great and adhere to established brand guidelines. Finally, developers code the email, ensuring that it performs optimally across all devices and clients. And that’s the best-case scenario, if everything is running smoothly. More often than not, marketers and designers are overwhelmed with back-and-forth communication, last-minute edits requiring frantic coding, and too many layers of approval needed before a final product can be sent. Remove this tedious process entirely by enabling everyone to edit within stensul’s platform.

Liberate “Requesters” to Own Email Generation

Zero coding or design knowledge necessary.

In most companies, for every email, there is someone who decides what the content of an email should be, who then submits a request to someone else to make (design/code/qa) the email. The requester puts the copy of the email into a brief or copy doc, collects the links, and occasionally some desired imagery. All of these items go into a ticket in a workflow or project management platform, or sometimes they just get emailed over to whomever is going to build the email. What if you could enable the requester to actually create the email themselves, without needing to know any code or design programs, all without any chance of them going out of bounds? With stensul, those requestors instantly see their email come to life, while established brand guidelines are enforced.

Empower Marketing Teams To Make Last-Minute Changes

Fast-moving  regional and field marketing teams become unblocked.

Email production typically involves several versions of “final.” Last minute changes for local events, reactions to happenings in the marketplace, or ‘after the final whistle’ executive feedback all trigger urgent fire drills. With stensul, anyone from an intern to a field marketer to an executive can make a change to email content in seconds, see how it looks in real time, and have confidence the email will be perfect. Teams become agile, and the ‘old way’ stops slowing people down from getting important emails out the door.

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