Stensul raises $34.5m in Series C funding

Fortune 75 tech company finds a better way to create emails

Email is the preferred method used by a Fortune 75 tech company to secure registrations to the nearly 40 global tech industry conferences it participates in each year. Always striving to provide an exceptional customer experience, the company’s global events unit wanted to promote six major events in a way that wouldn’t cause frustration or confusion among subscribers by overlapping communications.

To find the time needed to cross-promote the events in a way that subscribers would welcome, the company created all the emails in the Stensul Email Creation Platform™. Before Stensul, 90% of available time was spent solely on getting emails created and out the door, leaving limited time to focus on strategy and performance. By bringing Stensul on board, the team recaptured two weeks which allowed them to fine-tune strategy and develop messaging that resonated with tightly-defined personas.

Increased Open rate by 179%
“With Stensul, I was confident my vision could become a reality.”

Events Management Lead

Fortune 75 tech company

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