Stensul raises $34.5m in Series C funding

A SaaS company went from ‘drop everything’ for one email campaign to ‘do it all strategically and easily’

A growing SaaS company offers an ABM platform that several of the world’s largest enterprises use. Email plays a vital role in their marketing efforts. But they built emails one by one, without templates, and with little to no brand consistency. “We had to drop everything to produce a multi-email campaign and get it out the door. On top of that, it typically took 20 hours for just one email, even with the help of all team members,” said the company’s Vice President of Marketing at the SaaS company. In Stensul, they found the functionality and efficiency the company needed to optimize their email marketing program. They saw a 4x increase in email output, a 40x creation time reduction, and no increase in headcount.

“We weren’t looking for bells and whistles others promised but didn’t deliver. Stensul delivered and then some.”

Vice President of Marketing

SaaS company with ABM platform

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