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Enlyte Finds Time for Critical Thinking

Enlyte grew out of the 2020 merger of Mitchell International, Genex, and Coventry, three businesses that provide products and services for the Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance industry. This presented the challenge of ensuring collaboration between centralized and distributed Marketing partners in a larger organization to produce well-performing emails that were always brand-compliant, without the need for “brand police.”

About 70% of their time was spent troubleshooting email templates because they were hand-coded with a code-base that was difficult to manage. That left little opportunity for, as Cynthia Damian, Enlyte’s Associate Creative Director, calls it, “critical thinking.” The team at Enlyte needed to save time in their email creation process.

To create more and better-performing emails easily and quickly, Enlyte implemented the Stensul Email Creation Platform. Almost immediately, email creation time dropped 7x. Every email was now 100% brand compliant with a quality look and feel. Template troubleshooting and rendering issues became things of the past. Further, team productivity rose 50%.

“You don’t have to be a designer or a developer to make an email in Stensul that works great. Anyone can make something that’s really beautiful.”

Cynthia Damian

Associate Creative Director, Enlyte

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