Stensul's 2020 Year in Review

In a year unlike any other, stensul was still able to achieve a number of incredible accomplishments.

Stensul's 2020 Year in Review

As we come to the end of such a tumultuous year, I wanted to take a moment and make note of the milestones we reached as a company. No one knew what to expect going into the second quarter of 2020, but I couldn't be more proud of our team and the work we’ve accomplished during a year unlike any other.

Stensul's 2020 Year in Review

Company Announcements:

Stensul raises $16 million, bringing email creation to the world 

This was a major highlight of our year as an organization. Led by USVP, our $16 million Series B funding adds more fuel to continue investment in product innovation, as well as scale our team across every function. (we’re hiring!)

As I wrote in our funding announcement, "agility is the new velocity" and Stensul Agile Email Creation is architected to directly address this need for collaboration, speed, and agility in email marketing programs.

Stensul Product Updates: 

Significant updates in 2020 to the entire platform

Our goal is to make the email creation process as agile as possible, saving huge amounts of time for our customers. As part of stensul's 2020 product roadmap, our engineering team concentrated on three key areas of the platform:

  • Enhancing the end user experience
  • Improving workflows and collaboration
  • Expanding connections to marketing automation platforms

Each of these themes saw significant updates this year. Let’s dive into each one to highlight the most important new features:

Enhancing the end user experience

The stensul dashboard has been improved to provide a more visual approach to how teams want to work. Adding thumbnail images to see a quick visual preview of emails is just one of the many updates users have loved, making it easy to see and visualize everything in one place. 

We also rolled out custom dashboard tabs, which allow everyone to set their dashboard up the way they work best. With the ability to save filters and set defaults, your dashboard will reflect you and your teams’ work. 

For admins or pro users, Studio (the module builder) was simplified to make it easier to create new modules while extending the flexibility for non-technical team members. This helps expand module creation across the team.

In thinking about end users as the actual recipients of emails, we’ve improved support for both ADA functionality as well as dark mode. 

Improving workflow and collaboration

In the first half of the year, we made major changes to how commenting, review and approvals can be structured. With multi-stage “waterfall” capabilities, workflows can now be structured to flow through a completely custom hierarchy of people and/or teams for reviews and approvals. 

People can be set as required or optional, and groups can be set as approvers, enabling anyone within that group (e.g. a legal team) to approve, regardless of the specific person. For larger marketing organizations, this functionality has shaved weeks off traditionally slow email approvals processes. 

As one of many smaller updates around email collaboration and workflow, we’ve added email statuses for improved transparency throughout the review and approvals process. 

Expanding connections to marketing automation platforms

Making connections to adjacent technology in the enterprise martech ecosystem is always a top priority. In 2020, it was no different as we launched one big integration and partnership and enhancements to one of our major ESP partners. 

We couldn't have been happier when we added Workfront, the leading work management platform, to our list of integration partners earlier this year. The integration allows email creation teams to build emails in stensul and then manage the email reviews and approvals within Workfront's platform -- bringing more agility and collaboration to the entire process. Workfront works with a large list of incredible customers across the globe, and we’re excited to bring the benefits of this integration to those teams.

In addition to Workfront, we’ve continually updated our existing integrations with many marketing automation platforms. Our Marketo connector functionality was deepened significantly, along with updates to Adobe Campaign, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Iterable, Braze, Epsilon and other leading ESPs. These updates help users configure more about the email campaign from within stensul, before the payload is pushed via API to the marketing automation platform.

There’s quite a bit more we released that isn't mentioned here, and our talented team is focused on some big things that will go live on the platform in 2021. I can’t wait to get them in the hands of marketing teams worldwide.

Important moments often get lost when you're moving through your day from one task to the next, and certainly in 2020, the days and weeks blended together more than not. But at times like this — when I'm able to take a step back and consider what we've accomplished as an organization — it's humbling to see how much we were able to do under such extraordinary circumstances. 

This next year is going to be even better.

Stensul sloth love on Twitter

Stensul sloth love on Twitter

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