Stensul's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

In true stensul fashion, we put together a list of our favorite sloth-themed gifts.

Stensul's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It may feel like March 277th, but Hanukkah is only eight  days away, and Christmas and Kwanzaa are close behind!

To make your holiday shopping a little easier, we put together a list of our favorite, and truly adorable, gifts for 2020.

Stensul's Holiday Gift Guide: 

For the people working from home:

Rarely leaving home (for work or fun) has allowed us all to be a bit more slow-moving in the mornings. Why not decorate your desk space with items featuring our favorite slow-moving friends? From sloth notepads, to sloth cups, to a sloth tape dispenser, these little guys greeting you each morning can’t help but make you smile!

Want to spread the joy to colleagues? Start your morning meeting with coffee in this cup and you’re sure to get a smile!

Urban Outfitters

For the plant lover:

Plant growth could definitely be described as moving at sloth speed, but if it’s in one of these two amazing planters, (1, 2) watching it happen may not seem so strange — I mean, who wouldn’t want to look at that?

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters

For the new homeowner:

We saw a lot of people moving into new homes when it became apparent that we’d be spending more time there. This sloth shower caddy is the must-have accessory sloth fans didn’t know they needed. Why let your shower be boring when it could be adorned with a sloth handing you a glass of wine?

Urban Outfitters

For the Queen’s Gambit fan:

We know chess can be a little slow, so why not give this awesome chess set from Etsy to someone you love? The sloth on the side will remind them it’s okay to take some things slow (as long as those things aren’t email creation!) And the magnetic pieces ensure kids and pets won’t mess up your game.


For the people you’re quarantined with:

Speaking of games, we found one perfect for sloth fans. Sloth in a Hurry is awesome to try out if you’re looking to improve your improv skills. 


Still need more ideas? This site has gift ideas for everyone.

Pro-tip: Each time you go to shop on amazon, make sure you’re logging into – that way you can make every day a Giving Tuesday!

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Stensul sloth love on Twitter

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