How a Large Brand Can Do Email Marketing Like a Startup

Sick of slow, manual processes? We’ve got a few tips that’ll help in our upcoming webinar.

How a Large Brand Can Do Email Marketing Like a Startup

Traditional enterprise email workflows are dominated by manual processes, competing tools that don’t speak to each other, and a bunch of people pulling their hair out.

These challenges are further exacerbated at large companies, where enterprise marketers often run into internal roadblocks thanks to bureaucratic red tape and the common challenge of too many cooks in the kitchen. As such, creating marketing emails is usually a slow and cumbersome ordeal.

Startups, on the other hand, are able to execute much faster.

So how can large brands learn these behaviors and inject some innovation and agility into their email marketing execution?

This is the question we’ll explore in our upcoming webinar, Move Fast and (Don’t) Break Things: How Big Brands Can Do Email Marketing at Startup Speed.

During the live webinar on Thursday, December 6, we’ll discuss the major constraints preventing big brands from moving at startup speed when it comes to email marketing and share best practices that you can use to get emails out the door faster.

Learn how to transform the way your email teams work as we cover the following and much more:

  • Eliminate bottlenecks that hurt email ROI
  • Enable teams to put emails together faster
  • Use content integrations to instantly make email more engaging
  • Measure the speed and efficiency of your email marketing processes

Register for the webinar today to reserve your spot!

Stensul sloth love on Twitter

Stensul sloth love on Twitter

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