Celebrating International Sloth Day 2020

October 20th was International Sloth Day. Stensul has adopted these super cute animals as our “mascot” because we help the world’s largest brands stop creating email at sloth speed.

Celebrating International Sloth Day 2020

We couldn’t let International Sloth Day pass without doing something to celebrate our slow friends. First, we teamed up with the folks at Email on Acid to explore how to avoid sloth mode in your email marketing. Later in the afternoon we were joined by over 100 other sloth lovers to meet 7-year-old sloth Anna!

If you weren’t able to make our live stream, here are a few sloth facts we learned:

  • Sloths get their names from the number of front fingers they have; every sloth species has three-toes on their back feet
  • Their digestive system is very intricate, which is one of the reasons they’re so slow
  • They have a four-chambered stomach, like cows and sheep, and since Acacia Hibiscus leaves aren’t very rich in nutrients, they have to break down the leaves four times to get as much nutrition out of them as possible
  • It takes them thirty days to digest every meal, but they do eat everyday
  • Sloths can move up to five miles per hour. To put that in perspective, a crocodile can move seven miles per hour, so if they want to, they can move pretty quickly
  • One of their predators on land is the harpy eagle. Harpy eagles are about the size of an average three year old and each foot is about the size of a dinner plate. (They could easily pick up a 7lb sloth like Anna!)
  • In the wild sloths will grow moss and algae so they can camouflage a bit better in the trees when they’re sleeping throughout the day
  • Sloths also love to swim! In the water their predators are caiman crocodiles, piranhas, and really anything else in the Amazon river
  • Two-toed sloths don’t smell too bad, but three-toed sloths have stinky sweat glands on their backs
  • There are six different sloth species; Four different specifies of three-toed sloths and two different species of two-toed sloths
  • Sloths don’t make too much noise, maybe a grunt or so here or there
  • Sloths have dagger teeth and an extremely good grip, so if they need to defend themselves they will usually grip the other animal, bring it to their mouth and then they can do some major damage.
  • Their favorite foods are corn, strawberries, butternut squash, zucchini, sweet potatoes, and basically any other kind of squashes!
  • Anna and her friends celebrate their birthdays with some delicious ice-cream cakes!

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Check out some photos of Anna!

Enjoying some corn!
Her "dagger" teeth
She enjoys her treats!
Loving the camera!

Stensul sloth love on Twitter

Stensul sloth love on Twitter

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