5 Sessions you should check out at Adobe MAX 2020

Stensul is excited to be a sponsor at the first ever all-digital Adobe MAX.

5 Sessions you should check out at Adobe MAX 2020

Adobe MAX is a great conference for creatives looking to perfect their skills, gain inspiration, and get a glimpse into what’s next, or folks in roles like graphic or web design, illustration, video, photography, or if you’re interested in Adobe products! With over 350 sessions, labs and creative workshops, we thought we’d help narrow down the list just a bit. Here are five sessions you don’t want to miss!

  1. The 9 Most Common Template Challenges and How To Fix Them

We’ve heard marketers express their frustrations with how long it can take to get an email out the door. On the other side, there’s a designer who is juggling multiple, perhaps even higher value, tasks. Garrett Jestice, Director of Marketing at Lucidpress dives into the challenges designers face when trying to implement templates and gives advice on how to overcome the nine most common hurdles.

  1. Making Innovation Accessible and Designing Inclusive Experiences

Accessibility is extremely important, yet too often it is something that gets overlooked in design. Stark’s CEO Cat Noone and Limbitless Solutions’ Branding Director Mrudula Peddinti team up to discuss solutions. In this session you’ll learn how organizations profit when all their customers benefit.

  1. Why Designing a Meaningful Member Experience Creates Durable Initiatives

Harald Dunnink, Founder of Momkai speaks about the importance of creating a positive member experience. He’s teamed up with New York University to coin the word “memberful” – a word they use to describe “those experiences that provide the best route to sustainability for organizations in our constantly changing world.”

  1. Days to Hours, Hours to Minutes: Streamlining Your Creative Process

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, there are not enough hours in the day! In this session David Leopold of ViacomCBS shares how he had been able to remove friction in his teams’ design and production workflows.

  1. Working Toward a Better World: Power of Design and Creativity

Design can be much more than beautiful. Richard van der Laken, CEO/Co-founder of What Design Can Do dives into how design can help create a better world. We need creative people in this world, and this session digs into why.

Interested in learning more about modular design and how it can affect your team? Check out one of our most popular blogs, Email Modules 101: How to Scale Great Email Design Without Sacrificing Creativity. We’ve also published a free guide on Marketing Email Design. Download it here!

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