12 Days of Blog Posts: Stensul's most popular posts of 2020

In the holiday season spirit, we’re taking a look back at our top 12 blog posts of the year.

12 Days of Blog Posts: Stensul's most popular posts of 2020

Before we say our final goodbyes to 2020, we’re looking back on our most popular blog posts of the year. From interviews with industry leaders like Scott Brinker, Andrea Fryrear and email marketing experts to tips and tricks for creating more agile email marketing processes, we covered it all. In fact, we covered so much that simply listing our top ten posts wasn't enough -- instead, we decided to fully embrace the spirit of the holidays and list our top 12.

12 Days of Blog Posts: Stensul's Top Posts of 2020

1. The Rise of the Self-Service Marketer

The term “low code” was first used in 2014 to describe tech platforms that were created to let people build websites and apps quickly, without hand coding the whole thing. The concept has grown in popularity and use cases since then, and is predicted to be a huge driver of growth in the industry over the next decade.

2. Where do We Go From Here? Email in the COVID-19 Era

Back in April, email experts Cher Fuller, Josh Bernoff, Emily McGuire and Women of Email President Jen Capstraw partnered with stensul on a webinar to discuss email marketing tactics during the pandemic. What transpired was a deeply insightful conversation between top industry thought leaders, sharing learnings and lessons applicable to all email marketers.

3. If You’re Stuck in These Email Creation Habits, You Need Email Creation Help 

There are a number of habits that signal your team needs email creation help, and they’re often hard to catch until your team is in dire need of assistance. But no need to panic -- we’ve taken a look at the most common sources of email creation trouble, and are here to point you in the right direction if any of these apply to you.

4. 4 Ways Brands Can Supercharge Their Email Workflows With Stensul

We all wish that the end-to-end process of getting a marketing email out the door was as simple as build, review, and send. Every company’s email production process is different, but for enterprise organizations, the process typically consists of numerous underlying workflows with varying levels of complexity and a multitude of people/departments involved. Here are four ways to supercharge even the most complex email creation workflows. 

5. Embracing Agile Marketing: What’s Holding Us Back?

Enterprise organizations are relying on marketing to be a significant growth driver now and in the years ahead. A recent McKinsey article states that "It’s less about changing what marketing does and more about transforming how the work is done," making the shift to agile marketing a top priority as business leaders lean on their marketing organization to drive real growth. 

6. Key Takeaways from the Email Creation Maturity Model

The launch of our Email Creation Maturity Model, including both the whitepaper and follow-up blog series, have been well received by marketing teams. The process of developing the whitepaper represented many years of learnings about email marketing processes and what bottlenecks different teams face with each kind of process. The Email Creation Maturity Model represents our key takeaways. 

7. How Teams Conduct the Process Behind Their Email Marketing is More Important than Ever. (Gartner)

Last year, Gartner surveyed more than 350 marketing leaders from across the U.S., Canada and the UK to gain a widescope view of marketing organizational structures, from capability needs and operational priorities to the ways marketing leaders were redesigning their organizations for future growth. According to Gartner's findings, marketing leaders wanting better organizational alignment through decentralization must prioritize and optimize their workflows.

8. The key to true productivity? Easily integrated MarTech solutions

In its 2020 Global Marketing Report, Workfront found marketers are forced to spend most of their time on tedious admin tasks and use disparate technology systems instead of focusing on high-value, creative work. Stensul CEO Noah Dinkin digs into Workfront's findings and explains why integrated martech solutions are central to alleviating marketers’ frustrations and enabling strategic work.

9. Announcing our $16M Series B, bringing Email Creation to the world 

To bring our email creation platform to even more companies, we announced that we raised a new funding round of $16 million after significant growth in revenue, product, customers, and our incredible team. This Series B funding was led by Rick Lewis at USVP, a firm with a strong track record around SaaS (Box, Yammer, Concur, etc.), and includes new partners like Capital One Ventures as well as a number of executives from leading enterprise software firms. 

10. Struggling to adopt an agile approach? Your team may not have the right tools

According to AgileSherpa's third annual State of Agile report, more than 20% of marketers said lack of effective tools was a major barrier to being more agile.  "There's a lovely old agile value of 'individuals and interaction over processes and tools' which I think remains totally valid. But within those statements we understand that the second item doesn't go away or lose value entirely," said AgileSherpas Co-founder Andrea Fryrear, "Having the right digital tools can either make agile run more smoothly or become a major impediment."

11. Email Modules: The secret to agile email creation

Enterprise marketing organizations focused on agility are tasked with bringing speed to every aspect of their work, from the platforms they use to the programs they manage. The email creation process is no different, but all too often, marketing operations teams lack the technology needed to architect a truly agile process when it comes to their email efforts. So what's the solution? There are a number of components to building agile creation workflows, but it starts with introducing email modules — also known as a modular design approach.

12.  Martech expert Scott Brinker on the "8 P's of Self-Service Martech"

When it comes to marketing technology platforms, it's safe to say that Scott not only knows his stuff, he has served as a driving force of the martech industry since its conception. In late 2019, Scott published the "8 P's of Self-Service Martech," a fascinating martech model that includes eight necessary components of an "absorbed" martech maturity stage. As self-service martech evangelists, we wanted to dive even deeper into Scott's martech maturity model, so our CEO Noah Dinkin joined Scott for a video chat. 

Stensul thanks all of you for spending your time with us and we wish everyone a Happy New Year. Here's to hoping 2021 brings you much joy ... and more agile email creation workflows!

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