Xena the Sloth Takes MCX


Oracle Modern Experience 2018, Chicago IL.

Team stensul had a blast at Oracle MCX. Our furry friend did too.

After a full week jam packed with sessions, booth time, and after hours events, Team stensul returned home after a highly successful Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2018.

If you didn't catch us at Booth MAR-17 last week, you must have heard about us as the "sloth guys" responsible for bringing the wonderful Xena the Two-toed Sloth into the McCormick Center flanked by her handlers at Scales and Tails.

Check out the pictures below for Xena at MCX!

About the organization

Scales & Tails, Chicago IL

For over 20 years, Scales & Tales and Beth Wagner have been providing Chicagoland with professional, insightful and just plain fun animal shows. Always a hit with kids and parents alike, Beth and her animal crew make even the most timid person comfortable enough to encounter her menagerie. Featured in Chicago Magazine and The Chicago Tribune, Scales & Tales is on its way to becoming a Chicago institution.

Supporting sloths worldwide

Stensul not only employs sloths as our unofficial mascots, but we support them worldwide through the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica. Recently we symbolically adopted 5 young sloths and our donation benefits all of the rescued sloths in our care and supports their nutrition, wellness and essential research.

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Why Sloths?

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