4 Reasons Why the Modular Email Template is Your New Best Friend

Not sure whether you should switch to email modules? Here are four big benefits you should consider.

If you’re wondering what modular emails are, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got the ultimate lowdown on your new best friend, and why you should switch things up today.

Modular emails allow marketers—without any technical knowledge—to easily generate on-brand, error-proof emails in minutes, rather than days or weeks.

In the stensul email generation platform, we preconfigure your brand guidelines into the platform and create modules that are custom to your brand aesthetic and needs.

Basically, email generation is the use of preconfigured email modules to generate emails quicker than ever before.

So what are the four biggest benefits of modular emails?

1. It’s all for you

Image by Iyan Kurnia on Unsplash

With email modules, everything is customized specifically for your brand and its specific style guidelines and needs.

No need to worry about finding the right color code or font, everything is built into each module that you use.

So when you’re generating your next email, you can just pick the modules you need and go from there!

2. No time wasting

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How long does it take you to create a single email right now? A few days? Or even a few weeks?

The beauty of email modules is that you can easily create an on-brand, error-proof email in minutes.

You just assemble the modules, add copy and images, and generate compelling emails you want to send to your audience.

3. No compliance drama

Image by Nadim Merrikh on Unsplash

This new best friend will never give you any drama with brand, design, or legal compliance.

In the stensul email generation platform, we set brand, design, and legal guardrails within each pre-configured module to ensure each email is compliant and consistent.

This could range from being CAN-SPAM or GDPR compliant to setting restrictions around font, colors, logos, sizing, watermarks, and copy.

4. Easy to befriend (and use)

Image by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash

This is the easiest friend you’ll ever make.

The preconfigured modules in an email generation platform allow you to avoid messing around with HTML, which is a huge advantage for many marketers who aren’t fluent in HTML.

Working with email modules and a platform that automatically generates HTML allows you to get around that easily.

Empowered to generate the emails you envision (without all of the back and forth with designers and developers), you’ll see huge time, cost, and energy savings, which will then lead to better work satisfaction and fulfillment for you and your email team.

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