Adobe’s $23 billion bet on collaboration will pay off

Adobe and Figma

Adobe’s plan to acquire Figma is truly exciting news. It brings together two pioneers in design. Candidly, I’m looking forward to seeing what these talented teams produce together. One key thing stood out to me: the through line across this and Adobe’s other recent large acquisitions. The deals I’m referring to are Workfront ($1.5b), ($1.27b), and now […]

How to set up brand guidelines that work

Great! You’ve made the decision to embrace decentralized email creation. And you want to have it done so the performance of the emails produced and benefits to your organization are optimal. Yet, there’s probably one element of decentralized email creation that raises your anxiety level – if only just a bit. Many marketers and MOPs […]

How to manage your email operation through an economic downturn

It looks like we’re headed toward economic turbulence, if not already in it. The good news is it will likely be less severe than the Great Recession of 2007-2009. Then leverage – the financial term for debt – was the cause. Today, the debt levels of the banks, brokers, and bondholders are far lower than […]

How marketing operations pros can make email creation more efficient

If I ask you, or any other marketing operations professional (MOPs pro), what email creation means and there’s an excellent chance your response won’t be short or straightforward. That’s completely understandable because the way the overwhelming majority of companies create marketing emails today is very complicated and takes a long time. It takes two weeks […]