Stensul raises $34.5m in Series C funding


How to boost the efficiency of your creative operations
You can change your creative services operation from being an order taker to a strategic contributor to marketing and sales initiatives. All you need to do is embrace an easy and efficient email creation process with an Email and Landing Page Creation Platform at its center. Learn how by downloading the Stensul eBook How to boost the efficiency of your creative operations. Do it now.
The dynamics of Dynamic Content in email creation
Email messages tailored to an individual can yield 15% better CTRs and 6x better transaction rates. One way to accomplish that is with dynamic content. However, you’ve likely found creating emails with dynamic content hasn’t been easy, quick, or frustration-free. It doesn’t have to be that way.
5 Steps To Optimal Decentralized Email Creation
Are emails created in your organization on a decentralized basis optimally? If not, what’s holding you back? Find out how email creation can be done efficiently on a hybrid basis - one that reflects how your company works today. Read the Stensul eBook 5 steps to optimal decentralized email creation