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Try out Stensul’s AI-powered email Subject Line Generator

Do you ever need help dreaming up email subject lines that will improve your open rates?

Come on, admit it. It happens to anyone involved in email marketing. You’re trying to develop optional subject lines in enough time so you can properly A/B test them. Then it hits – a sudden, disconcerting case of digital writer’s block. The minutes slip away. Time passes all too quickly. And not a single new, fresh, game-changing idea bubbles up. So you get anxious. 

The Stensul Subject Line Generator in action creating 5 subject lines in the selected style for a selected industry from the email content using GPT4

You can now say goodbye to that drama. Now you can use the AI-powered Stensul Subject Line Generator. It’s powered by OpenAI’s generative AI, (which also powers ChatGPT) and provides you with five alternative subject lines in mere seconds. What you’ll see is based on the email content you have already developed. The process is simple. Once you enter the email text, simply let the the Subject Line Generator’s chatbot know what kind of company is yours, the industry you compete in, and the preferred tone for the subject lines. After those few keystrokes of typing, you then click to start the near-instantaneous process. Before you can say A/B test, those new subject lines are there on the screen for you to consider, adapt, or, just maybe, use.

Simple. Fast. And surprisingly creative. Try the Stensul AI-powered Email Subject Line Generator to see for yourself. 

For those a little hesitant, it’s worth noting that AI hasn’t suddenly appeared. It only feels that way. AI was established as an academic discipline, and computer scientists gathered to discuss it in the 1950s.  It’s come to the fore now because of the massive explosion in Big Data, the parallel developments of lots and lots of data being produced, and the growth in computing power to sort through, analyze, and draw inferences from it. Your risk, if any, is limited. Go ahead, and try the Stensul Subject Line Generator. If you’d like to learn more about Stensul’s Email Creation Platform, download this eBook

There’s much to consider and determine how to apply AI to aid your email creation activities. To help, this post offers six ways to leverage currently available, trainable (more on that later) AI chatbots to improve the quality and performance of your emails. They are:

  1. Segment your list better, faster
  2. Generate pre-headers and subject lines that encourage opens
  3. Design or find images that grab attention
  4. Overcome writer’s block
  5. Make personalization even more powerful
  6. Present the perfect call-to-action


To learn more about these six ways to take advantage of AI right now, read the post Six ways to use AI right now to create better marketing emails.

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