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5 Steps To Optimal Decentralized Email Creation

As a marketer, you might feel that’s not all good. It’s like you have a handful of sand, and the grains are slipping through your fingers. You slowly lose control. 

Decentralized email creation can be problematic. Emails riddled with typos, containing messaging and design that are off-brand, and produced in ways that impact deliverability negatively and diminish performance can become too familiar. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Stensul’s latest eBook, 5 steps to optimal decentralized email creation, will explain how you can have emails created by almost anyone in your company – almost anywhere – by:

  1. Making your process more efficient
  2. Lightening your workload
  3. Controlling things more easily
  4. Speeding up reviews & approvals
  5. Using regained time to be more strategic

Is your marketing organization able to let others in the company create quality, on-brand emails?

People in your organization can be productive wherever they happen to be. More often than not, all that’s needed is an Internet connection.