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Your chance to beat the odds at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas

Before Bugsy Siegel opened the Fabulous Flamingo, the first resort on the Lass Vegas Strip, casino operators made sure they’d see a profit.
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Before Bugsy Siegel opened the Fabulous Flamingo, the first resort on the Lass Vegas Strip, casino operators made sure they’d see a profit. Whether in the swank Casino de Paris in Monte Carlo or Le Cercle at Les Ambassadeurs Club in London, that’s always been the case. It’s not unique to the neon-lit palaces along Las Vegas Boulevard, The Strip. 

A firm grasp of probability theory is a major reason the expression “the house always wins” is often heard when the little white ball drops into the “wrong” number on the roulette wheel or the dealer doles out cards that add up to 22, not 21, at the Blackjack table.

How to beat the odds beyond Las Vegas

roulette wheel

As you pack your bags and head to Las Vegas for this year’s Adobe Summit, it’s worth considering how you can beat the odds at something you won’t find at the games of chance in any of the casinos along The Strip. That is how to make your email and landing page creation efficient. And the place to do that is at the Stensul booth, #518, in the Community Pavilion at Adobe Summit.

Once you get an email out the door, there’s an excellent chance it will help you connect with prospects, build relationships, get them to buy, and stay loyal. Regardless of customer type, product, or service, email delivers an ROI of around $40 for every dollar spent.

However, creating that email quickly and easily – even by non-technical people – is far from a winning deal for most organizations. Stensul found that 80% of companies take two or more weeks to deploy one marketing email. The odds of that email failing to meet its SLA or launching when it needs to be is high. You might think the solution is to throw more people against the task to avoid those sorts of problems. As much as you’d like to think it solves things, doing that makes the process more complicated and costly. It’s like tossing more chips into the pot when you don’t have a winning hand playing poker in Las Vegas.

Time to strategize after Las Vegas

Stensul can reduce email creation time by as much as 90%, giving you plenty of time to meet tight deadlines. You’ll have time to have your team look at refining strategy to optimize performance – so those emails perform even better and make a bigger impact on your business results.

One approach that’s gaining popularity is to send subscribers emails in their preferred language. You’ll need to create twenty separate emails if you have twenty languages. That’s a massively time-consuming process.

Here, Stensul will let you beat the odds with our new Stensul Localization capability. It lets you create one email file in your base language and then upload it to any leading translation platform. Before you can say “winner, winner, chicken dinner,” you have twenty emails in twenty languages that your native language speakers can review.

You can do more in the Stensul Email and Landing Page Creation Platform. As the name suggests, you can now create landing pages in the Stensul platform much more easily and efficiently than ever. Before, you had two options – both difficult to master and hard to use. One was the landing page builder in an ESP/MAP, a super rigid approach that limited creative flexibility and often saw templates break – which meant code had to be touched, which is always trouble. The other was a stand-alone landing page builder with such a high level of flexibility that only someone expert could easily create a usable landing page.

Bet on it at Adobe Summit Booth #518

Avoid the slot machines with their bad odds in Las Vegas. Instead, learn to beat the odds of a creation process that’s too complicated, time-consuming, and costly. Stop by the Stensul booth #518 in the Community Pavilion. Better still, request a meeting with Stensul before heading to Adobe Summit to secure a 1 on 1 conversation with one of our experts.

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