emails in multiple languages produced by Stensul
emails in multiple languages produced by Stensul

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Reduce the time it takes to handle your email localization workflow by up to 90%

Stensul Localization is compatible with all the most popular translation technology platforms and eliminates all the time you spend manually creating and copying emails in all the languages you need.

Create your base email, upload the translated files and you instantly have multiple copies of your email in each desired language that can be sent to local specialists for review and approval – in the Stensul platform – saving by as much as 90% of the time it’s taking you now.

Create localized copies of the base email in seconds when uploading translated content.


Be able to have on-the-ground locals review and approve emails in their language to ensure the accuracy of translation and that images are appropriate. Do it all in far less time.


A simple API is available for easy integration with translation vendors so multiple email versions in different languages are created in minutes without any of the copy/paste tedium or manual translation errors.


Stensul Localization makes it simple to group all variations of the email together into a single overall campaign.

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Stensul's localization feature generates multiple emails from translated files in seconds.

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