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Things Are Heating Up: Why Mobile is Your Number One Priority This Summer

Thinking you’ll slow down your email marketing over the summer? Think again.

During the hot summer months, your subscribers might be on vacation, but that doesn’t mean they’re unreachable.

A Travel Leaders Group poll found that 62% of travelers check their work-related emails while on vacation.

Additionally, 86% of Americans access one or more of their email accounts via a mobile device.

It’s clear that your subscribers are accessing emails on mobile devices on a daily basis, and this doesn’t change when they go on vacation.

Don’t put your head in the sand this summer, make the most of this spending season with mobile-responsive emails.

The numbers (and temperatures) are rising

Image by Ville Palmu on Unsplash

According to Bankrate, 51% of U.S. people will spend $1,000 on a vacation during the summertime.

Capital One found that 87% of Americans spend their money on socializing during the summer months and 65% spend money on dining out.

Get your slice of this apple pie with effective, mobile-responsive email campaigns that speak to the summer consumer.

Why mobile-responsive emails are so hot right now

Image by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

A 2018 Litmus report revealed that mobile opens account for 46% of all email opens, while desktop opens only hit 18%.

Unfortunately, email marketers are still struggling to deliver a mobile-responsive experience to subscribers with a Liveclicker and Relevancy Group survey discovering that:

  • 32% said the messages are too small to interact with on mobile
  • 26% noted that website and landing pages aren’t mobile optimized
  • 21% stated that emails aren’t well formatted for mobile devices

This needs to change. With the summer months upon us, the majority of subscribers will be checking emails on their mobile devices while on vacation, at the beach, or while they’re out and about.

So, what are mobile-responsive emails and how can you adopt them?

Mobile-responsive emails are built and designed to transition between mobiles, tablets, and PCs seamlessly. They automatically resize and adjust proportions and components based on the device that’s viewing the email.

From a more technical perspective, it’s a collection of techniques, like media queries, fluid images, and fluid grids, which work together to provide the best viewing experience for the consumer across a range of platforms.

Speak to your designers and developers about moving to a mobile-responsive email strategy, and ensure that they understand the design, coding, and sizing changes that will need to be implemented.

Alternately, you could invest in an email creation platform this summer to generate mobile-responsive emails in minutes, without worrying about coding or sizing issues (hint, hint).

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