How to manage your email operation through an economic downturn

It looks like we’re headed toward economic turbulence, if not already in it. The good news is it will likely be less severe than the Great Recession of 2007-2009. Then leverage – the financial term for debt – was the cause. Today, the debt levels of the banks, brokers, and bondholders are far lower than […]

10 things you might be doing wrong creating emails

marketers planning email program

Email creation is a complicated process. In all likelihood, it takes more time and money than you’d like.  Don’t feel too bad about that. Around 80% of all brands take more than one week to create just one email. That’s one of the key findings of research recently conducted by Stensul. This post looks at […]

9 steps to take for better designed emails

Most marketers spend considerable time and effort seeking to eke out even a tiny bit more performance from the emails they create. Much of that hunt is focused on finding the perfect subject line, a way to track opens or the CTR to end all CTRs. While those areas have merit, so too does designing […]