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Need to Improve Your Email Generation Process? Ask These 5 Questions

Struggling to create emails without significant delays and roadblocks? Here’s what you need to ask yourself to get better.

The traditional process of building emails, with a bunch of manual processes and constant back and forth between copywriters, designers, developers, and marketers, isn’t sustainable.

If you’re spending days, or even weeks, generating a single enterprise email then it’s time to take a step back and consider where you’re going wrong.

Check out the questions below and ask yourself; is there a better way of doing this?

(Hint: The answer is yes, and it’s stensul)

How long does it take to generate one email, from start to finish?

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Most enterprise emails can take a few days to generate, but some can even drag on for weeks at a time.

From the time you decide to create an email and either create an internal brief or brief your agency, how long does it take before you get it out the door?

With the stensul email generation platform, it can take minutes.

We preconfigure your brand guidelines into our email generation platform and create modules that are custom to your brand aesthetic.

You assemble these modules, add copy and images, and generate compelling emails you want to send to your audience. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and anyone on your team can use it.

How much time does it take to make a simple alteration to an email?

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If you want to switch an image, change the color of a CTA button, or add some additional body copy, how long does that take to implement?

Many enterprises use designers and developers on a ticketing system. This means that if you want a design or code change made to an asset, you have to submit a ticket requesting that change.

If your designers and developers are overwhelmed with requests then you could fall into the dreaded queue and it could be days before they get to your ticket.

That’s a few days of delays that stop you from sending compelling emails to your database, losing any timeliness that you may have needed.

How much time do you spend on QA?

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Otherwise known as quality assurance, how long does it take to check every element of an email?

And do small mistakes still slip through?

If you’re being forced to do QA after each round of changes, then you’re doing something wrong.

Using custom email modules, you could set guardrails in place so that brand, legal, and design compliance is set in stone. This means that there’s a lot less you’ll need to check when it comes time to QA.

How much would your ROI increase if you were able to generate more emails and get campaigns out the door faster?

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If you can get the answer to this question, then it’ll be a whole lot easier to build your business case and convince the higher ups that they need to invest more in email marketing.

For argument’s sake, let’s say each of your emails generates roughly $50,000 in revenue.

You’d love to be able to send three more emails per month, but you can’t because of operational bottlenecks and a lack of bandwidth.

If those roadblocks were removed, you could generate an extra $150,000 per month.

Even if we take a conservative view and assume that each of those new emails only generates half of your normal revenue ($25,000), that’s still an impressive ROI boost.

What’s one thing you wish you could change about how you build emails?

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This is a great question to ask your whole team, and ponder for yourself.

Every person who touches an email understands the frustrations and delays that plague the current process.

Throw this question out to the beleaguered champions in your marketing organization and see what they come up with. There’s sure to be a lot on their wish list!

If you’re ready to improve your email generation process, reach out to us about getting your very own personalized demo.

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