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Stensul Gen AI-powered tools turn email personalization from an anxiety-inducing process to one that’s easy-as-pie

Stensul applies Gen AI to reduce the anxiety that email personalization tends to induce with two AI-powered tools that make it easy-as-pie.
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There are lots of ways to handle email personalization. Only some, if any, are quickly and easily accomplished. Still, for a marketer, it’s something of a Holy Grail. You know personalization works and are willing to jump through plenty of hoops to get the email performance boost personalization provides.

Several studies stand as testimony that all that effort yields an impressive return. For example, personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than those without. Other assessments found that revenue is 5.7 times higher in emails that employ email personalization.

The place between a rock and a hard place you often find yourself when it comes to personalization is anxiety-producing. Email personalization is difficult. Personalizing emails is complex and filled with places where errors can occur. It makes even those with proverbial ice in their veins anxious over how the emails will look and read once they reach the recipient’s inbox.

Given that, in our increasingly AI-enabled world, it makes sense to harness the power of Gen AI to ease and speed aspects of email personalization – and reduce your anxiety.

So Stensul did just that.

We added two more AI-powered tools to our highly popular AI-powered email toolkit.

AI-powered email subject line generator with personalization

The Stensul AI-powered Email Subject Line Generator with Personalization will craft engaging personalized subject lines tailored to individual segments. This tool generates subject lines that are more likely to pique the recipient’s interest, driving higher open rates. 

As sophisticated as that may sound, this tool is easy to use. Simply paste in the email text you’ve created, then type in five audience segments of your choosing and the word limit you prefer. With that, you can click the Get me subject lines button, and in seconds, you’ll see five subject lines written to appeal to the audience segments you selected for email personalization.

For instance, instead of a generic subject line such as “Our Latest Product Release,” this AI-powered tool could generate “Demand Gen Manager – Here’s the analytics feature you’ll love!” Such a specific, personalized subject line grabs the recipient’s attention and makes them feel valued, increasing the chances that they will engage with your email.

AI-powered email rewrite tool

This AI tool lets you take a piece of text and rewrite it to be more relevant to a specific segment of your audience. That text can be a phrase, a sentence, or even a few paragraphs. 

Of course, using this email personalization tool is super easy. 

Paste the generic text you’ve developed into the tool’s text window and type in five audience segments for which you want to have the text personalized. Click the Rewrite button and watch the tool do your work.

For instance, for a younger audience segment interested in eco-friendly products, the tool would tweak the email content to highlight the environmentally friendly aspects of your product or service. This guarantees that your message resonates with that segment of your audience. In turn, you’ll have a module of text that strikes the right chord with every other segment.

If you’re creating these personalized emails in the Stensul Marketing Creation Platform, its onboard Dynamic Content Authoring capability also makes the next steps in the personalization process easy.

Benefits of Gen AI-powered email personalization tools

Enhanced personalization

These Stensul AI-powered email personalization tools let you create content that resonates on a profound level, a level of personalization that fosters a deeper connection with your audience, boosting their engagement and loyalty.

Improved efficiency

Crafting targeted by segment subject lines and content for each segment tends to be time-consuming. With these AI-powered tools, the process is automated, saving time and resources for your marketing team.

Higher open and click-through rates

These tools drive higher open and click-through rates by making your emails more relevant and captivating to each recipient. This leads to more conversions, boosting your return on investment.

Data-driven insights

Using these tools allows you to evaluate what works best for each segment. You can then leverage that insight to optimize your email marketing strategy and realize the sort of success you’re hoping to see: 

In conclusion

These additions to the Stensul AI-powered email toolkit offer two effective ways to see email personalization as something that’s easy-as-pie to do, not something that raises your anxiety level over concern about whether or not your email campaigns are engaged with and acted on.

In an era where consumers are inundated with marketing messages, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever, and these Stensul AI-powered tools provide just the edge you need.

To learn more about Stensul’s take on Gen AI and our tools available to help you be more efficient, see AI in Email Marketing: Navigating the Generative Frontier or download the Stensul eBook How to leverage Gen AI in email creation for greater efficiency and Effectiveness now.

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