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How Your Email Marketing Approach Impacts Your Customers

Taking a traditional approach to creating emails? It’s not just hurting your email team.

Stuck in a constant loop of manual processes, back and forth feedback, and repetitive tasks?

Your email team is probably ready to pull their hair out in frustration, and they’re not the only ones.

When you’re relying on an outdated, traditional approach to building emails, your customers and subscribers suffer as well.

Below we’ll examine how slow, manual email marketing processes negatively impact your customers.

Timeliness is everything

Image by Alex Guillaume on Unsplash

If it takes you days or even weeks to create an email, then there’s something fundamentally wrong with your processes.

Whether it’s too many stakeholders in the kitchen, tools that don’t talk to each other, or a plethora of last-minute revisions, these roadblocks delay your email campaigns and hinder your relevance and timeliness in the eyes of your subscribers.

Being able to send timely promotions to your customers or react to recent news or events is essential for an effective email marketing strategy.

If you’re current email marketing status quo needs days or weeks of leeway for a single email then it’s time to rethink your approach, and prioritize timeliness.

Mobile first, or else

Image by Ugur Akdemir on Unsplash

When we see slow, manual email marketing processes, they often go hand in hand with a lack of mobile responsiveness.

For those building emails manually, it’s hard to build truly responsive emails (i.e. emails that automatically resize and adjust proportions and components based on the device that’s viewing the email) without a lot of hand coding and extra design work.

This deficit is then passed onto subscribers and customers who are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of mobile-responsive emails. A Liveclicker and Relevancy Group survey found that:

  • 32% said the messages are too small to interact with on mobile
  • 26% noted that website and landing pages aren’t mobile optimized
  • 21% stated that emails aren’t well formatted for mobile devices

It’s clearly having a negative impact on customers, and that’s bad business for everyone.

It’s time for a change

Image by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Let me paint you a magical picture.

You have an idea for an email, you generate the email in 15 minutes, you create your list and flow, and you deploy.

The end.

You could take days or weeks to build a single enterprise email as it moves back and forth between developers, designers, copywriters, and managers, or you could use an email generation platform and generate an email in minutes.

The stensul email generation platform seamlessly integrates with your ESP and allows you—without any technical knowledge—to easily generate on-brand, custom, error-proof emails.

To learn more about why email generation is the future of email marketing, schedule your personalized demo now.

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