stensul is the premiere Email Creation Platform.

What’s an ECP?

There are three main functions of a traditional email platform:

Do you need an ECP?

  • Creating an email takes too long

  • Testing email versions never happens because of time and resources

  • Too many people touch each email

  • Third-party agency costs are large or unpredictable

  • QA never seems to find all the errors

  • International markets each 'do email' their own way

  • HQ is pushing for brand governance but you don't have a solution

  • Proofing an email on 40+ devices takes too much time

  • Only one person knows how your email platform works, and they'd like to take a vacation

  • Your organization has distributed teams across cities, countries or markets

stensul solves all these problems and more.

With stensul you get:

  • Rapid email creation

  • No coding or image editing knowledge necessary

  • Guaranteed compliance with brand governance

  • Mobile responsive emails with zero additional time or cost

  • Integrates with any ESP, Enterprise Marketing Cloud, or Email Deployment Platform

  • Hosted SaaS platform accessible 24/7/365

  • Updates to your email code as email clients/devices/ ISPs update their rendering rules

  • Significantly reduced QA time

  • Enterprise level platform security

  • User-level permissions