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How Efficient Email Production Unleashes Marketer Creativity

Want to unleash your efficiency and creativity in the email production process? By using smart tools and integrations, such as Movable Ink and Stensul, marketers can embrace both to generate their best campaigns yet.

Marketers want efficient creativity

Every email marketer wants to deploy dazzling, revenue-driving emails that get customers to stop in their tracks. But if you ask any email marketer about what their ideal campaign looks like, chances are it sounds quite different from the messages they’re currently sending. It’s likely lacking in efficient creativity.

So what’s in the way? Long production processes that suck up marketers’ valuable time that they’d otherwise be using to brainstorm and strategize truly industry-leading messages. 

What marketers need is an efficient production process that also supports their creativity. The good news is, it’s not one or the other. The better news is, this blog will quickly unpack how you can get the best of both worlds in every email send, from engaging content to speed-to-market with efficient creativity.

How to embrace efficiency

The not-so-secret sauce to fast and optimized email production is automation. Generating personalized content, speeding up campaign creation, and streamlining QA processes is what marketers need to prioritize to make the best use of their time.

While automation improves every step of the email marketer’s process, let’s hone in on two factors: optimizing your data practices and unifying your martech stack efficiently:

Stensul and Movable Ink’s partnership is a prime example of these efficiency improvements coming to life. With Stensul, marketers can take a modular approach to their email builds with engaging, no/low-code templates that are ready to go, reducing creation time by as much as 90%

Movable Ink works seamlessly with Stensul by routing in dynamic, real-time content that is uniquely personalized to every customer. Together, marketers are ready to quickly create content they know will resonate with customers.

How to fuel email creativity

Marketers are a creative force to be reckoned with, and always have big ideas to bring into their  email campaigns. This creativity brings forth the most engaging emails that increase click-through-rates, conversions, and revenue.

How can marketers realize their best, most creative ideas? The answer boils down to efficiency. Simply put, when marketers have more bandwidth, they have more time and energy to strategize one-of-a-kind  campaigns. Most marketers can relate with the problem of having to put ideas on hold due to a lack of time; great initiatives are forgotten because while they’re important, they’re labeled as non-urgent. This leaves creative sends gathering dust while marketers worry over a mistake in the email code (when they weren’t coders to begin with).

When urgent tasks are taken care of by efficient processes, marketers have room to breathe and create. By adding the additional support of AI powered personalization, the tool that will help marketers stay on the pulse of what their customers want and need to see in their content, you’ll be set up for unstoppable success.

Movable Ink and Stensul in action

With the ground rules set, let’s see these tips in action with an example in the market today: the Milwaukee Bucks’ Game Day email campaign.

This email campaign keeps customers up-to-date on the game with every piece of information a devoted fan needs to know. Using Movable Ink, the Bucks’ marketing team was able to automatically tap into data from CSV and API sources, allowing them to display relevant scores, player information, and upcoming games. With Stensul, email creation was a breeze with marketers quickly dragging-and-dropping every content module they needed.

With this integration, the Bucks’ marketing team was able to quickly produce a relevant, real-time email that also let their creativity shine. With snappy, on-brand imagery and dynamic visuals, every Bucks’ fan was sure to love this experience.

Elevate email creation today

Email campaigns that are highly efficient and creative don’t need to feel like an unreachable goal any longer. With integrations like Movable Ink and Stensul on hand to maximize your best ideas, you’ll quickly be on your way to your best campaigns yet.

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