Email Creation Platform
for the Enterprise

(works with your existing ESP)

Large companies use stensul to reduce email production time and headache by 90%, while increasing marketing email output 6-10x.

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What’s an ECP?

There are three main functions of a
traditional email platform:

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Does your email creation “platform” still look like this?

Probably not so painless or scalable. Time for a change.

What’s your headache?

Do international markets want to send localized emails but don’t have resources?

Do you want to grow your email program but don’t have the headcount or agency budget?

Wish you could create more email variations to test without increasing time or cost?

QA takes too long or you don’t do enough QA?

Your ESP professional services bill could bail out a small country?

Sound familiar? Want to be a hero for your organization? Contact us to learn more today.